Daily Archives: April 18, 2009

Presenting ITEMS at SirIKT (Kranjska gora, Slovenia)


There was an international conference SIRIKT 2009 (Enabling Education and Research with ICT) in Kranjska gora, Slovenia from April 16 – 18. SirIKT represents  a great opportunity to exchange experience between pedagogical workers, pupils and students who use contemporary tools of digital age and all the other ARNES network users at all educational and research levels and fields.

There were about 600 participants and guests from various EU countries and Canada at the conference, who were participating and lecturing at plenary lectures, symposium or short presentations, workshops, posters and sponsor’s presentations.

The ITEMS poster was presented by Breda Policar. The poster can be seen on the SIRIKT conference webpage   http://www.sirikt.si/fileadmin/sirikt/fotogalerija/2009/Posterji/posterji-2817.jpg, a short  abstract on the page  http://www.sirikt.si/slo/sirikt2009/plakati/breda_policar.html .

The abstract is  also  available in the printed version.